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St. Theodore's Church, Kenfig Hill
Eglwys Sant Theodore, Mynydd Cynffig

Memorial Baubles

There’s something uniquely comforting about remembering a lost loved one with a personalised memorial bauble on a Christmas tree that is ever present in the room during the festivities.


Our personalised memorial baubles are a special way to help those left behind feel the presence of lost loved ones at this special time.

Your bauble will be placed on a tree in St Theodore's Church for people to read as they pass.


If you would like to have a memorial bauble please fill in the form below and submit or fill in a form in St Theodore's Church the next time you attend.

Christmas Card Star!

A lot more people are no longer sending Christmas Cards and are donating to charity instead. If you have considered this then why not have a look at our Christmas Card Stars, it's a way of saying 'Happy Christmas' to your friends and family without all the writing, sticking, licking and choosing, not to mention the trees that will live as a result of you not buying cards.

Your star will be placed on our Christmas Tree in St Theodore's Church for everyone to read as they enter and leave over the festive season.

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